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9" Minno Wi-Fi PC Tablet Win10 Pro 32GB 4GB RAM W/ 64GB Memory Card PLEASE READ

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Please Read All Before Purchase:

9" screen, Intel Atom X5-Z8350 1.44GHz CPU, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, comes with a free used 64GB micro SD card installed, these are Wi-Fi only, they do not take a SIM card. Windows 10 Pro is NOT activated.

These tablets do not have any cameras installed although there is still a camera lens on the back and front.

Also they do not have any internal speakers installed. You may see what looks like a stylus pen in the pictures but there is NOT one included with this model. They will NOT make any sound except via Bluetooth or headset jack and can not record videos or take pictures.

Charging: These tablets require a 2-amp charge block(20 Watt is best). There is not a charging indicator or icon that comes on the screen when charging with the Tablet powered off, there is only a red charging indicator light on the screen near charge port that will turn off once fully charged. Red light may take a few moments to turn on once plugged in. Charging fully up can take several hours or more.

Powering on: Press the power button for 5 full seconds, may require that you do it more than once to turn on. Note you will not see the Windows logo upon boot up, you will see the logo from the company that originally owned them.

Please Note: When this tablet boots up, you will not see the Windows logo - you will see the logo of the original company these were manufactured for. Also tablet will come with “SatComShop” as username and no password. In order to change user name you will need to either sign in with a Microsoft account or activate windows with a key and you can change “local account” name without signing into Microsoft account.

If you plan on trying to install a different version of Windows or perform a reset, you will most likely have to install the Minno drivers’ package that is saved to the included SD card or update each device manually from the “device manager” due to the fact the many of the drivers for this tablet are not readily available from Windows Update. These operations may require a wired mouse/keyboard to perform because the touch screen driver may be disabled. These tablets also run on 32 bit/X86 architecture and will only run software that is also. If you attempt to install a 64-bit program it will most likely cause the tablet to crash/become inoperable. Please check compatibility settings of any software you wish to install.

Cosmetic Condition: This is a B stock item, meaning unit is in fair cosmetic condition and will show normal signs of use in the form of scrapes or scratches. No cracks or major housing damage. We would rate the cosmetic condition a 7 out of 10.

Tablet and SD card only. No charger is included - you will need to provide your own. This device takes a standard Micro USB cable to charge.

If you have any questions about this item, please ask and we will gladly get back to you!